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    Intel RAM limit?

    richardrock Level 1

      I need to build a nice machine for CS5. I see a lot of nice builds on this forum and they tend to use DDR3-1600 memory. I am a little bewildered here; I received my Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard and the user guide states, "Due to Intel spec definition, X.M.P. DIMMs and DDR3-1600 are supported for one DIMM per channel only." However, I see people are using six sticks of 1600. What gives? Is the guide wrong, is this an over clocking thing, or what?


      Parts in hand:

      Cooler Master HAF 932 case

      Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard

      Cooler Master Silent Pro M 1000w PSU

      Intel 930 i7 processor


      Parts in route:

      Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler

      2X Samsung F3 1TB hard drives

      WD VelociRaptor 150 Gb hard drive


      Parts about to order:

      Asus 23" 1080p monitor

      Cheap mouse and keyboard

      Sony Optiarc SATA DVD burner

      PNY GTX 840 GPU

      Windows 7 Pro

      CS5 Production Premium

      2X Kingston KXH1600C9D3K3/6GX RAM

      or Corsair CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 RAM


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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          I have not done it myself for that board but try downloading a revised version of the manual and I think Asus has changed it slightly as a result of an Intel change to their specification.  If not in the manual, I right now cannot remember where I found the information but I saw that Intel changed it and bumped the spec up for that statement to the next speed.  You might check some motherboard or memory forums  Also look at the 24 GB configurations leading the PPBM scoreboard.

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant



            While we have thoroughly documented with PPBM5 that the anomaly of encoding MPEG2-DVD is much faster with more than 12 GB of memory the only positive conclusions have been done on a single hex-core i7-980X machine.  Preliminary results on quad-core chips have yet to done.


            What is really weird is that on my 18 GB setup that the Windows 7 Resource Monitor shows the same amount of RAM usage as with only 12 GB.

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              JCschild Level 3

              18Gig is a wrong set up

              it should be 12 ro 24... 6 EQUAL sticks




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                richardrock Level 1

                Hey Bill,

                Thanks for your replies. Gosh, this looks like this may be another reason to work with 4G modules (so more than 12g can fit on the board). I was already thinking about suffering the cost of 4G modules because of the nagging Asus statement indicating a 1600Mhz. &/or X.M.P. limitation. Incidentally it is also in the latest Asus Users Guide for the P6X58d Premium board (section 2.4.2 on p.2-11) and appears to be in conflict with the latest download of the QVL (per D* = supports 6 modules in triple channel configuration @ 1600Mhz.).


                I have submitted a Technical Inquiry with Asus; still waiting for a response. I was ready to go with the Corsair CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 used in Rowby’s Build (an outstanding thread on this forum) because he reported that it all posted, but there may be more than meets the eye at this moment.

                Thanks for the heads up. I will report here if I get a response from Asus. I am getting an itchy trigger finger; excited to have CS5 wMPE for my work!


                I agree with your instinct to stick with a symmetrical RAM bank, and I certainly can’t argue RAM configuration, but on this board the manual indicates the board works in single, double, or triple channel mode and can have uneven amounts of sticks ie. two in one channel and one in the others (p. 2-10). I can see four sticks totaling 16GB would work “by the book”, although I wouldn’t bank on it. I don’t know which board Bill has.


                Many Thanks!

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  Scott, I have violated every rule in the book with this setup

                  • Never install unequal size modules
                  • Never install mixed vendors
                  • Never install unequal speed modules
                  • Never install unmatched sets
                  • Never overclock with a crazy memory setup


                  You would have to nuts to even try such a setup but lacking $1000 for a proper set of match memory I did just that.  I will admit it was not a normal easy process of installing the memory and I doubt anyone could ever duplicate this setup.  But take a look at the success story (1st place) on the PPBM5 Results page.  Here is what I have.  A brand new $300 set of G.Skill Ripjaws F3-10666CL9T-12GBRL, 3 x 4 GB DDR3-1333 modules.  Then I reinstalled three of the old OCZ modules OCZ3P1600LV6GK, 2 GB, PC3-12800, DDR3-1600 modules.  After much time consuming effort low and behold I have them running at DDR3-1112 clocking with my CPU still running at 4.2 GHz.


                  Some people are just naturally crazy

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                    joe bloe premiere Level 5

                    There should be a "DONATE" link on PPBM4 and PPBM5 pages.

                    I would be happy to help Bill get his RAM.

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                      JCschild Level 3

                      """Some people are just naturally crazy"""


                      err old and crazy

                      you mad man you stole my first place but not for long....




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                        richardrock Level 1

                        Am I looking at this wrong? Memory selection is killing the joy.


                        My question to Asus:


                        1. I purchased the P6X58D-Premium, partially because the box, the Newegg add, and
                        the QVL itself indicates 12G of 1600 RAM is supported natively with this board.
                        However, the QVL indicates D* supports six modules in the orange and black slots
                        {the slots on the board are black and blue}. I intended to use: from QVL-two sets of
                        Kingston KHX1600C9D3K3/6GX XMP (total of six 2G sticks).
                        I received the board, and the User Guide (and the Asus Forum) indicates only 3 sticks
                        of XMP or 1600 are supported. It seems I need to adjust. I hope you can advise me;
                        will I get better performance from my intended configuration (6X2G sticks of XMP
                        1600), or would I get better results from (6X2G sticks of 1333 non XMP)? As in
                        KVR1333D3N9/2G-from the QVL?
                        2. Will six sticks of KVR1333D3N9/4G function fully on this board? (6X4G=24G)
                        3. Will the board support more than 3 sticks of XMP RAM if the XMP is turned off on the

                        The response from Asus:


                        Hello Sir/Madam

                        Since we do not test and qualify memory to work with our boards you are better off contacting Kingston and give them the model motherboard and the model memory and they will tell you in what configuration it will work and what will not work. They have the most up to date info.


                        Thank you,
                        ASUS Tech Support/L2 Support

                        Phone XXXXX




                        I suppose I don't write well, or understand what the QVL is.

                        I am going to restate the question by phone and direct that the question is about the XMP & 1600Mhz.RAM barrier on this Asus board.


                        Searching for the joy,



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                          Baz R Level 3

                          this is getting very competitive.




                          waiting for my 2nd lot of 12 gb ram to come.



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                            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                            When the I7 platform released, Intel's official supported specs were really low. They only officially supported DDR3 1333 and that was with 3 sticks of ram only. If you had 6 sticks then the supported clock speed of the ram was 1066. Intel also only supported a QPI of 4.8 on most cpu's accept for the top 1 or 2 which had a QPI support of 6.4. The Motherboard manufacturers decided to go well beyond those specs because they were way to conservative and to push their products. The manufacturers like ASUS supported DDR3 1600 or even DDR2000 but only in 3 stick configurations. If you had any problems with 6 stick configurations at DDR3 1600 or higher, they would respond they only supported specs greater than Intel's with 3 stick configurations( I was surprised they hid behind that back then when I talked to the engineers of one of the companies). This does not mean that it will not work. It just means you wont get support from the motherboard manufacturer if you have problems. It really was a joke. So much so one of the companies I can't name here changed their website to reflect that just because I brought the subject up and told them this policy was no where on their website at all when we tested their board.


                            So what does this all mean. The QVL is the Qualified Vendor List. This is the hardware officially tested by the motherboard manufacturer's R&D or tech support. This hardware is approved to work without issues and will be fully supported by their tech support. The caveat is though only in the officially supported configuration. Normally as long as you buy ram off the QVL list, you can run those in 6 stick configurations and you likely wont have problems as long as you set the bios up right. If you buy ram that is not listed on the QVL now days with DDR3 then it's a gamble on whether it will work or not without issues unless you have some company like us that tests all of this and works with the Ram company's engineering to fix any problems. So the best advice here for DYI is stick to the QVL but remember you are not locked into the official supported config. That is way to conservative. I hope that helps.




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                              richardrock Level 1

                              Thanks Eric!



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                                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                                JCschild wrote:


                                """Some people are just naturally crazy"""


                                err old and crazy

                                you mad man you stole my first place but not for long....




                                Now remember who is posting all the new results, it is possible that some might get lost.

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                                  JCschild Level 3

                                  LOL Oops! yes Sir, anything i can do Sir.

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                                    Baz R Level 3

                                    Hi, guys


                                    sorry to say that I am back to number one.  now have 24gb ram running at 1600mhz.