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    better resizing techniques?

      I'm recording actions on a website that must be at minimum 800px wide. When I eventually output my swf I'd like it to be a bit smaller, so that a person with an 800x600 screen can see the full movie (with the browser window, etc. it need to be 770px or so). I've tried both 1) resizing the cp file and outputting & 2) resizing the original 800 width swf file as I call it from the html (width=760 height =...) but both deteriorate the swf images (artifacts, jagged text).

      Has anyone come up with a better solution, or have a better way of resizing? Changing my own screen resolution doesn't matter because the website is still 800 pixels. And I am keeping the heigh and width in proportion as I reduce in both cases.

      Thanks, Joe
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Joe,
          In my opinion, Captivate 2.0 offers much better quality preservation during the resizing operation. As a matter of fact, a resize of 10-15% in Captivate 2 will negligibly impact image quality. If you don't have it now, download and try it out (for hundreds of reasons in addition to just "resizing" benefits).

          Beyond that, you can always scroll during recording (either horizontally or vertically) to show "hidden" portions of the application.

          This may be necessary if resizing won't work. It is the natural result when an application is designed by complete idiots and dolts who don't give a thought to their users resources during the application design stage. Sadly , many thoughtless application designers think because their development environment includes monitors with UXGA displays (1600 x 1200), that is what they should develop their applications for.

          Sorry for the rant, but every time I hear of problems like this, I get mad all over again. Back when most users were on 800x600 screens I worked for dumb-bells that decided their application had to be 1024x768 minimum.

          When I pointed out that the application was too large for 80% of our end-users, their reply was "If they want our application, they'll buy new monitors and video cards". As though we were giving the application away (Not!!) and users should be happy that we forced them to spend a fortune to upgrade their equipment. It still irks me that I wasted several years working for idiots like that (they eventually fired me for "not being a good corporation man", just prior to their own bankruptcy. LOL! Okay, I feel better now.
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            joe2843 Level 1
            Thanks, that's good to know!