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    SMS state from the Operator


      Is there any way to get the Command_Status parameter as part of the submit_sm_resp message in the cfevent as the inmediate response from the Operator? I perfectly obtain the Delivery Receipt report sent from the mobile using the RegisteredDelivery , but this is not enough for the Operator . They insist that they send me the SMPP error status inmediately as part of the submit_sm_resp message, but the only thing that I got from them is the MessageId as response of the SendGatewayMessage function.


      I need the Command_Status because this is the way the Operator inmediatly informs the state of the mobile with two states: No Error(0x00) and Submit_sm failed (0x45), this last meaning no credit balance available to receive the SMS Text message, the mobile is blokecd, etc.


      Any suggestions?



      Thanks in advance.