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    CFChart and XML string


      The CF7 docs say that you can pass a stylesheet to the WebCharts3D application by inserting either an XML string or the path to an XML file into the "style" attribute of the <cfchart> tag. I have use a file path many times, and it works fine.

      But I am not able to insert an XML string into the attribute without an error. The error is "system cannot find file specified," so it appears as if the application looks for a file, rather than a string, regardless.

      I need to set values in the stylesheet dynamically, so I need to build the XML and pass it in on the fly. I have output the XML and it appears perfectly valid. I have read the contents of a working XML stylesheet file into a string and inserted that string into the "style" attribute. But it produces the error noted.

      Has anyone been able to pass a string to the "style" attribute successfully, and if so, could you pass along some tips?


      Tom McNeer