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    How to partly hide an animated image (filmstrip)

      How to partly hide an animated image (filmstrip)

      See present condition of this animation:

      I have created a gif animation in Fireworks, consisting of a fairly long vertical filmstrip which sits in the cell of a table comprising the whole body of the page. I want it to run alongside text which sits in a cell left of the film strip.

      The filmstrip is vertically longer than the text on its left. At present it simply stretches the table downwards and some of it is in an area which has no text on its left.

      I want to put it into 'box' which is only as high as the text. I want the surplus of the filmstrip to be hidden and become visible only when it moves up into that box.

      How can I achieve that? I cannot put it into a layer (division), because that would stretch to the height of the strip.

      I cannot shorten the strip because the client wants it that long, and I am interested in the solution of the problem as a matter of principle.

      Thanks for your help.