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    help please, urgent

    spooonynick Level 1

      hello, im currently looking for help and fast i ask alot but i honnestly need my actionscript srted out as ive paid for my vps host and am wasting time :(  basically i ned to know what code/script to put in my nav bar links to link it to my website layers, ive made an movieclip for connect as ive been told to link it that way but ive tried scene 1, connect_mc with loads of actions etc and it doesn't work, and some do work but once clicked they dont evan show for more than a secound and they mess up my slideshow :(  if you think you can help, please say and il send you my fla as it will help more, if you do help thank you :) il mention you in my site also for any repairs and actionscripts :)   sorry if spelling is bad im rushing. i literally need it done by today latiest tomorro... thank you for reading :)