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    PDF generator for Webhelp

      We would be integrating our current product (Webbased) along with which we plan to provide webhelp (HTML) as the key help file for the users. What my Project manager needs to see is after mapping ID's, can there be a facility provided to the users where they can generate PDF's of only the content files they are currently looking at. For Example if i have Topics A, B and C in the table of contents and the user is currently seeing Topic C, can he/she hit the PDF button to convert and save that perticular topic in PDF format.
      I hope one can help me with the javacode or script which i can put in the "onclick button" for the above to happen.i have got all the answerssss so farr frommmmm RICCCKKKK and everything has worked out awesome.....if you guys can pleaseee help meee on thissss!!!!