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    Inconsistencies between an MXML tag instance's properties and an Actionscript instance's properties

    elekwent Level 1

      Hi everyone!  I've been using the SDK for several months, but I've only been using Flash Builder for a few weeks.  I finished the Flex In a Week videos and exercises a few days ago, and since then I've been playing around with the accompanying exercises.


      My question specifically refers to the PanelSkin.mxml file from 'Exercise 5.6: Creating custom skin properties'.  In this example, the function initTitleSkin() sets the 'headerSkinColor.color' property to a value passed from the main application:



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <s:SparkSkin xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"






              <s:State name="normal" />

              <s:State name="disabled" />










                  private function initTitleSkin():void


                      headerSkinColor.color = hostComponent.panelTitleColor;







      <s:Rect radiusX="4" radiusY="4" height="100%" width="100%" >


                <mx:SolidColor id="panelSkin" color="#E8E8E8"/>





      <s:Path winding="nonZero" data="M 0.016 0.012 L 0.016 23.354 L 287.419 23.354 L 287.408 12.012 C 287.408 5.385 282.035 0.012 275.408 0.012 L 0.016 0.012 Z">



                <s:SolidColor id="headerSkinColor"/>





      <s:Label id="titleDisplay" lineBreak="explicit" left="10" right="4" top="2" height="30" verticalAlign="middle" fontWeight="bold"/>



      <s:Group id="contentGroup" top="23">







      This code works just fine.  I tried extending this example by setting the 'titleDisplay.color' property in the same way.  The 'titleDisplay' is an instance of the Label class.


           private function initTitleSkin():void


                      headerSkinColor.color = hostComponent.panelTitleColor;

                      titleDisplay.color = hostComponent.panelLabelColor;



      The above code results in the error 'Access of possibly undefined property color through a reference with static type spark.components:Label'.


      I set up the custom 'panelLabelColor' property and confirmed the 'hostComponent.panelLabelColor' property is being passed to the custom skin class correctly.  My question is, Why can I set the 'color' property in the MXML Label block, but not from the ActionScript instance.  The Language Reference shows the spark Label has a 'color' property.  Code Assist shows the 'color' property in the MXML block, but not in the ActionScript instance.  Am I missing something simple that's staring me right in the face?  I'm usually pretty good at that.  I'd appreciate any thoughts on this inconsistency.