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    30 vs 60i

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      Hello all ~


      I am using a Canon VIXIA HD30 to create educational DVDs. It has several settings for record, two of which I am thinking of using, and that would be HDV Standard or HDV30. With Premiere Pro, of course, we have 1080p30, which is progressive, and 1080i30 (60i), which is interlaced. It would seem to me that for my purposes (and as the result of a few experiments), that Standard HDV (on the camera) paired with 60i (in Premiere Pro) appears to create the best combination for my purposes.


      What would be the difference in the camera between Standard or 30? Is "Standard" another word for "interlaced" in the world of camcorders?


      Before I move forward with my project, I thought I would check to see if this is correct thinking on my part. I'd hate to go through months of recording and discover a different setting/combination would have been superior!


      THANK YOU and I appreciate any opinions/feedback on this question anyone may have.


      ~ Jeff

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          One thing that would useful to know is how do you plan on delivering your Project. That might sway things one way, or the other.


          Good luck,



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            Hi Bill et al ~


            As DVDs. I've been reading and reading and this seems to be a very sticky point with many people on other forums. I've heard "interlaced must die" and "30p stutters" and "it's all interlaced anyhow".


            Hmmm . . .


            I have just learned that "Standard HDV" in a Canon camcorder means interlaced 60i. So I guess it would make sense to use that setting with the 60i setting in PremPro. As well as with HDV30 with PF30.


            So does it make sense to you and anyone else that, considering that these are educational DVDs (mostly in the kitchen), and not a cinematic experience, that using interlaced (60i) with the Canon's Standard HDV setting is probably going to work best for us?


            ~ Jeff

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              The HDV format specifies two standards, 1080i/30 (used by Sony and Canon) and 720p/60 (used by JVC), both at a max bitrate of 25 Mbps.


              My guess (based solely on the name and having done no research) is that HDV30 defines a new 'standard' with a bitrate of up to 30 Mbps and allowing 30p at the full 1080 resolution.