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    Using Alt+Key shortcuts in Chromeless application makes windows beep

    Mark Robbins 312

      Tell me I'm correct about the following:


      It is impossible to use mx:MenuBar with mnemonics and/or have 'Ctrl+Alt+Key' appear in the menu as you can with FlexNativeMenu or NativeMenu.

      It is impossible to use any Alt+Key shortcuts to activate a control without Windows® beeping at you when you use the key.

      It is impossible to use a s:Button or even an mx:Button with an underlined letter without making a specific skin just for that button.


      It is impossible to comprehend why such a standard activation method -- using the Alt+Key would be overlooked by a company leading the pack in RIA or any other type of interface development.


      So who is on drugs, I hope it is me and not Adobe.


      Wait, don't tell me-- you want me to extend your framework so it includes these fundamental things??