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    How do I add tracking code to a Flash website?


      Tracking software requires that you insert their code into the page you want to track (I'm using StatCounter).  I installed a Flash website template and it just has one .html file where I can insert the code.  That tracks visits to the first page with no problem but if a visitor clicks on different pages of the site, it doesn't get tracked.  Does anyone know how and where to add code so that each page of the Flash site can be tracked?


      Note, in my template a part of each page is found in different symbols.  For example, the first column of every page is located in a symbol called PAGES1 and the second column of every page is located in a symbol called PAGES2, and the third column located in PAGES3.  Different layers within each symbol correspond to the different pages.  So I'm at a loss of how I could get this tracking code to be able to track each page visit, since each page shares a symbol with another page.  Anyone know?