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    So what's the verdict on Spark?

    Ansury Level 3

      Now that it's been around for a while so people have gotten a chance to use Spark "for real", is X* the same, better, or worse than Halo components?


      X* being:

      1. Development productivity?
      2. Maintainability?
      3. Readability?
      4. Conciseness of code?
      5. Customization (ease of)?
      6. Other?


      Personally, although I've not used it extensively yet, I feel like the component set was rushed out the door (missing many critical component types is a big indicator IMO), and so it may not really be ready for prime time in critical applications.  Also I'm unsure of the need in the majority of cases (at least for me) for separation of layout from logic.  I'm sure it's great for the cases where you want a heavily customized skin, but what about applications that are more concerned with productivity and efficiency than flashy presentation?


      Would like to hear thoughts from others...

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          Ansury Level 3

          Since this is about down to the 2nd page and forgotten...


          When these crummy forums first came out, many "long time" users complained that the forums were turning into a shallow "drive-through help service" where participants look to answer only simple questions for the reward of "points".  They claimed that experienced users who discussed more than just simply "how to do x or y" were leaving for greener pastures.  Apparently this seems to be accurate, and the only ones who remain are more concerned about getting to the top of some silly point rank system than they are about sharing or gaining knowledge and experience.  If this isn't the case.... prove them wrong.


          If we can't even have a simple discussion about the actual experience using Spark here, of all places, how is Adobe going to be able to further improve the SDK when working so blindly?