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    DW CS3 iterates "forever" on large sites when renaming a folder

    signcarver Level 1
      I have done some more investigation (read below) if you are interested, but my main observation is that DW CS3 interates multiple times on EACH file when doing a folder rename which causes this action to take literally hours on a large site (? - never did finish).

      1. How can i allocate more memory for DW (no option in Edit>Preferences)
      2. What other things can i try?

      Tests done:
      1. Dell Dimension 8300, Pentium 4, 2.60GHz, 4gb RAM.
      2. Recreated site cache (thanks Joris) before running any test
      2. folder rename - 292 files - DW never finished, kept iterating on all files, occasionally get sharing violation on MFCxxx.tmp
      3. folder rename - 32 files (same site, just removed 260 files) - DW finished in < 1 minute

      edited to say: doing a global replace on a string in the entire site takes about 10 minutes for all 292 files but this action is only occurring once on each file.