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    How to build a simple 'designer'?


      Hey there,

      I'm on Flex 4 and I try to build a little designer for my shopsystem. Just some little things like 'set your text' (ideal would be free position w/ mouse-move) and maybe picture-upload with mouse-positioning.


      After the user set the text/pic, I want to use AlivePDF (http://alivepdf.bytearray.org/) for PDF-Output on server to send it via email automatically to me.


      Does anybody know a tutorial for this or an openSource solution?


      I think about using an array to store the users steps (such us one line text is one array-entry) and after the user has finished, a function read out this array and transfer it into a PDF.


      Any ideas are welcome

      - bb

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          RealBillyBlue Level 1

          No one has an idea? -.-

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            rtalton Level 4

            You're covering a lot of ground here with very little information regarding your design requirements...

            Let's break this down:

            Moving things around on the stage: search the help docs for "drag and drop". Fairly simple to accomplish.

            'set your text': Not sure what this means. Allow user to type text into an editable TextArea, perhaps?

            Uploading pictures: This depends on your back-end technology-- PHP? .NET? or ??? Use Google to search for "Flex file upload using PHP" or whatever you are using.

            "Alive PDF-Output on server": Not sure what this means. I use Alive PDF in Flex, and it allows saving the PDF to user's HDD using a FileReference class, OR, opening the created PDF in a browser. I don't think you can save it to your server, unless you again resort to a file upload after saving it to the user's HDD, or perhaps sending it as a byte array w/o saving it locally. Search for this topic at AlivePDF site?

            Sending PDF via email: Never tried this, sorry can't help you there. If you can somehow get the file uploaded to your server, you will need a back-end solution to then retrieve it and email it to yourself.



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              UbuntuPenguin Level 4

              Like rtalton said , you are covering a lot of ground.  I have used alive pdf, and it is possible to save the pdf to the backend.  You have to create the pdf on the client , convert it to Base64 and send to your backend.

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                RealBillyBlue Level 1

                Thank you both for your answer. I'll try to explain it more:


                For the 'drag and drop' with editable Text I found a solution, that seems to work fine for me.


                Pictures > I'm on PHP and sure I'll try Google


                (may the most important) convert it to an PDF: What I need is a solution like AlivePDF (or itself) which allows me to create a PDF like I want in and send it via Email from the backend to a special email-address. So as I can see AlivePDF doesn't support this directly and Flex itself also doesn't (which is unbelievable, because it is both from Adobe now!).


                Maybe there is a backend like AlivePDF in PHP or something like this, which I can use or maybe you can explain me a bit more about this BASE64 way, because I've never done something like this before.



                Or maybe - if this would be much easier - it would also help to create TIFF or high resolution JPEG instead PDF.




                Thank you!!

                - bb