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    Unloading Movie ActionScript 3.0

    andy-man Level 1

      Okay, here's the problem, simple such as it is...

      I'm loading a flash file in AS 3.0, here's a sample of the code:

      var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("videos/loadMovie.swf");
      var myLoader:Loader = new Loader():

      The code is embedded into a button that executes on release...

      When I create another button to load another movie, the original movie continues playing... i hate it when that happens.

      What I want to happen is that the second button closes the first swf, and then loads and begins playing the second.

      I'm on the road for the next three weeks conducting lectures, and I'm away from my studio, and resources. This has to be simple (it's simple in AS 2.0); however, I'm relatively new to AS 3.0, and this thing is stumping me.

      A code sample would be greatly appreciated...

      Frustrated in New Jersey