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    Jagged edges with red/orange on blue background


      I apologize if this has already been addressed somewhere but I've done a fairly exhaustive search of all my normal outlets.


      I'm working in CS4 and anytime I have text or a shape that is a fairly saturated orange or red on a blue back ground I get some nasty jagged edges when I render out.  I've been rendering to ProRes 422(HQ) and everything else has the great crisp lines I'm used to.  Inside my project in AE the edges look great.


      How it looks in AE.  The graphics are all masked solids.

      After Effects.jpg

      How the rendered file Looks. Note the edges of the figure and red drop.  You may have to expand to get the full effect.

      Final Cut.png


      I've tried a ton of different render settings with pretty much the same results. This is driving me crazy.


      Please Help!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Possible causes:


          - layer styles, even if inactive/ invisible

          - incorrect conversion e.g. from 32bpc to 8bpc in the CoDec dur to the colors exceeding legal ranges

          - problems with processing the layers in OpenGL

          - accidental use of blending modes

          - accidental use of 3D layers

          - something odd with continuous rasterization


          Check these things.