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    Run-Local shows FLVs in player but the Deploy-To-Web version does not. Why is this?


      I'm using Flash Catalyst CS5 and the Vista OS on my PC.  When I create a Flash Catalyst application that uses any kind of flv or f4v the videos will play just fine in the run local version.


      Unfortunately, when I try to test the click on the main.html page in the deploy-to-web version I get the video players, and the other interactivity of the application but no videos show up in the player.  I've tried this on two different computers using both Dreamweaver and a generic HTML editor, but I still can't get the videos to play in the web version.


      Just out of curiosity, does the deploy-to-web version need to run on a server that has capabilities such as php or some other 'helper programs' to play the videos?


      Please help me with this.