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    Creating an Online Quiz with Scoring Results

    johnd59898678 Level 1

      I had an existing client ask me about the possibility of building an online quiz.


      I am fairly adept at working "inside" Flash, but always run into problems when trying to export data "from" Flash anywhere else.


      I am also trying to figure out if Flash is the best application to build this quiz (I see other possible apps like Captivate, but don't know if they are necessary for what I am trying to do).




      I need to create a LOGIN screen to attach the final text score to an individual.


      Create (50) separate screens for 50 questions with multiple answers for each (simple enough) with submit buttons once the answer(s) are chosen.


      Each time an answer is submitted it has a certain "weight" toward the total score (which I am guessing that I could track into a variable inside Flash?)


      When the test is complete all I need to do is send that Person's Name/TOTAL SCORE to a database.



      Is this something best accomplished using FLASH?