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    Memory management for CS5 project

    imagex ideas

      I'm early in a PremPro CS5 project which may tax my 12GB memory, Win 7 setup.  I'm targeting 60-70 minutes with HD source video files (m2v) which run 180MB/min.  Also I'm actually using in the time line only about 10 percent (on average) of each source files used.  Other source material (audio, stills) should have quite small impact on memory needs.


      1) Does the memory impact of a imported source file scale with the size of the file or only with the size of the portion of the file actually used in the project?


      2) If the former, can one reduce the memory impacts by creating subclips of that portion of the full source clip actually used and only keeping the subclip in the project resources?


      More generally, I looked in several places without success for a guide to memory management in PremPro CS5, including how to estimate memory needs for a project as a function of the project parameters.  Does one exist?  If not, could one of the gurus of this forum post one?

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The amount of memory to edit and play the timeline is not proportional to the length of your media.

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            imagex ideas Level 1

            Thaks, Bill.  So you're saying when I import new clips into the project the memory load does not increase, but when I add portions of clips to the timeline it does. Right?

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Here is the best way for you to see your memory usage.  CTRL-ALT-DEL to get to the Task Manager.  In Task Manager open the Performance Tab.  Go to the bottom and select Resource Manager.  In Resource Manager select the Memory Tab and you can see how much memory you are using in real time and which processes are using it.  Also watch for hard faults, this is when you run out of memory and the OS pages out to the page file (this is what you are trying to avoid as it slows down everything).  Here is an example when running the new PPBM5 during MPEG2.DVD encoding (not your playing the timeline, but it was handy and shows zero paging).  This my i7-980 at 4.2 GHz with 18 GB of RAM with a quite well tuned OS, I think that it was about 38 total processes running during this encode run directly from AME (Premiere was closed)

              Resource Monitor Memory.jpg

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