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    FDF response to Adobe form




      I  am really kind of stuck at the moment and need your help! After  creating a PDF form with LCD ES, I included a HTTP-Submit button that  sends the content of the document to a server script. The data  (submitted in XML) gets stored in a database. Now I want to send a  confirmation back to the client saying that the data was received  successfully. Apparently, I have to send a FDF or PDF document back to  the client in order to make the response processable (if I send  html/text message I get "could not process content of type html/text"  message in Acrobar Reader). But how does that work?


      I  just would like to have a very basic response (a " OK " in Acrobat  Reader would be enough). Any ideas? I am using PHP on server side, but  cannot use the FDF toolkit. Since it is a static message, perhaps  someone of you could help me on how the content of the FDF would look!?


      Thanks in advance and regards,