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    Can't Print in adobe!


      I've tried everything that adobe suggested but ever since I updated adobe I can't print .pdf files.


      Please help!!


      Thank you!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Without knowing your OS, version of Reader, printer and printer driver we are unlikely to be of much help. When you repost the information please tell us what happens when you try to print.

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            Pineapplebananachik Level 1

            Sorry I was in a hurry and forgot to put all that.


            The OS is Windows XP (2002), the reader version is 9.3.3, the printer is an HP Deskjet 932C, and I tried but I can't find the printer driver. When I try to print .pdf files off of reader it first gives a progress bar then a window opens that says print to file and it give you the options to save or cancel. When you press save it close the window and the progress bar loads to 100% but it never prints. If you press cancel it cancels the entire print job.


            Like I said before I've tried everything the adobe site suggested but nothing has worked so far so if you can help I'd really appreciate it!