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    Actionscript 3 - Youtube API questions......

    jerry98225 Level 1

      Hi guys...

      I am trying to build a as3 only search api project..


      I am checking this guys's code here...


      http://blog.martinlegris.com/2010/05/28/sample-code-using-the-youtube-as3-api-with-the-you tube-player-api/


      He has following code...


           protected function doSearchResults(evt:VideoFeedEvent):void


                      if(_requestId == evt.requestId)


                          var feed:VideoFeed = evt.feed;

                          _video = feed.getAt(2);




                          trace("this call:"+evt.requestId+" isn't ours. We'll wait for the next one...");



                      if (_player != null)






      and has an addEventListener


          _ws = YouTubeFeedClient.getInstance();


                      _ws.addEventListener(VideoFeedEvent.VIDEO_DATA_RECEIVED, doSearchResults);

                      _requestId = _ws.getVideos("american idol", "", null, null, ["music"], ["male"], SearchOrder.ORDER_BY_VIEWCOUNT, SearchRacy.RACY_INCLUDE);


                      _ws.getVideos("music video");




      I create a similar code in my project and my question is that "doSearchResults" has never been called...._ws has addEventListenr but it has never received the event....I am not sure if I miss something here...Please help me about it...Thanks a lot!!!