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    local FILEUPLOAD without webserver

      hello everyone!

      I am searching quite a long time for this topic but I couldn't find a proper solution.
      I am creating a flex applicationen where the user should be able to upload files (*.jpeg, *.png, *.gif) locally (application on a CD, user wants to browse and add a picture).

      Does anyone know how to do this. Everything should work locally without internet connection.

      thanks for your help.


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          batmitra Level 1
          the short answer is, you can't do it, why? because uploading files is intended to be made to a server or with a server as a middleware guy. So to upload a file you need a backend script using .net languages ,php, or others.

          If all you want is to allow your client to see some images on a cd you can put on your cd an xml file with the paths to your images and then load them.