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    Adobe Reader on  Windows 7 Professional



                 I used a shared computer at work. I have worksheets that were used on version 7.0 of Reader on an old computer that had XP on it. Now the latest version is on the new computer which is a relief in some ways and a pain in others. Let me explain. Before, I could save certain wording on  the PDF template worksheets in version 7.0 and then when I had to change it up slightly, I would do so, and before submitting a printed copy of the altered template if you will, I would save the altered document using the Save As feature in the File menu and give the document a new name that would of course be different than the template. So I would have a digital copy of the template and the new document in my account on the shared computer.

                Now with the new version of Reader, I still have the templates that were saved to a flash drive then transferred to the new computer, and when I open them here, they look exactly as they did on the old computer. The problem is that I can't Save As in version 9.3. I have to print the document to "save" the work I did. Of course, I get a warning message that I won't be able to save my work, I must print it. Now, here's the annoying part, if my boss tells me that something needs to be tweaked here and changed there, I can't go back and edit what I originally wrote in the Save As file. I have to REWRITE THE ENTIRE THING!!! This to me is a colossal waste of time. You follow what I'm saying here? So my question if you haven't guessed it already is what can I do to use my time more productively in this regard? Is there any way to tweak this program so I can use Save As like before?


                                                                       Thank you for your help