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    Why does my hSlider thumb jump instead of slide?

    cathrineelise Level 1

      For some reason my hSlider is jumping all over the place when I click on  the track insted of just sliding slowly like it used to. I have no idea  why.. It just looks like the slide movement is jumping instead of  sliding. Like back and forth 3 times before it settles down.


       <mx:HSlider id="sliderVideo" styleName="sliderVideo" width="515" sliderThumbClass="no.cathrine.sliderThumbs.SliderVideoThumb" buttonMode="true"
                          liveDragging="true" allowTrackClick="true" maximum="100" change="onSliderVideoChange(event)"/>


      As far as I can see there's nothing wierd about my code, and it still jumps around if I don't skin it and don't use my own thumb. Any suggestions why?


      Edit: This only happens sometimes. Or at least it magicaly stopped when I posted this message.. I just tried it before posting and it was still jumping then. I have no idea whats going on cause I sure didn't change anything.