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    cache problem

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      Hi, I've created a flash website for a client which is mainly a portfolio browser, now my problem is that my client requested the artwork on her website can't be 'ripped off' but it seems that the pics and the swf are being stored in the temp internet files on peoples local drives. I thought if the cache is wipped off the local drive when the website is exited then it will reduce the amount of work being take off her site. I could watermark every piece of artwork but this would be extremely time consuming so another alternative is needed.
      While checking previous threads I came across this:

      there's no actionscript that would clear a user's cache. however, there are ways to prevent retrieving files from the cache (by appending something to the file name that changes each time the file is loaded).

      how would I automatically append the file name each time it is loaded using actionscript??

      my brain has gone numb trying to figure this one out - any input would be appreciated.