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    new application version and subprocesses

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      I have a workflow in LC ES2 which uses some subprocesses that are contained in the same application. Now I want to use versioning and create a new version of the application. Unfortunately the process V1.1 seems to use the subprocesses of V1.0. If I undeploy version 1.0 and deploy version 1.1 the process stalls, because the subprocess V1.0 is not found.


      If I open the main process v1.1 in workbench and open a subprocess by using the right click menu, workbench opens the v1.0 version of the subprocess.


      I would expect the new version to be consistent in using all elements and assets of the new version, not to mix up with old elements. espacially when the old version is undeployed. If I redefine a subprocess call, all the input and output variables are reset to empty. So reconfiguring all subprocess calls would result in a lot of work and maybe some errors...


      The documentation describes what I want: the newest version of a subprocess should be invoked... (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/workbenchHelp/help.htm?content=003741.html).


      Is this a bug in LC ES2? Is this fixed in SP1? I think I rember LC ES to work as expacted...


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