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    importing another swf file into the flash-homepage (swf is a gallery)


      hi there!


      have a problem that i cant resolve myself ..


      i downloaded a free of use gallery from juliuswebdesign.com (this gallery) and i'm trying to load it in my flash site ..


      now, the gallery works if i open it directly (i open the swf file)




      when i try to load the external swf file into my site


      loadMovie("image_gallery.swf", box);


      then the movie loads .. the gallery is displayed the message "loading xml file" displays and then when the xml is loaded the message "loading image 1/7" displays and only the first image loads.

      once the first image is loaded it will not be displayed (it remains outside of my swf file .. i can see it when i resize the window) and no other images will be loaded.


      if i open the gallery.sfw file again everything works fine .. the problem is only if i try to load the gallery.swf in another swf ..

      something must be wrong ..

      i tryed to opern the gallery.fla file and copt everything directly in my site and the problem remains the same .. only 1 image loaded and not displayed in the gallery ..



      i'ts like something in my site "blocks" the gallery beeing loaded..



      any suggestions?