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    Can not see my flash site when I upload to the server. Please Help!!!!


      I did a website in flash catalyst - and published it as a swf file. I then went to filezilla and uploaded it to the server. I have all the folders that I need on the server including the html file which the swf is embedded. But when I look at the site all it shows me is the background. I have been talking to netfirms.com for 2 days now and they are telling me it is on my end with the code.


      Other Notes:

      • It works when I view in browser from dreamweaver.
      • tells them at netfirms.com that they need to update to flash 10.1 - which I have done but still see purple screen and I have also went to 3 other computers with the flash 10.1 on the computer and I still get the purple BG
      • looks like it wants to come - looks like the movie clip wants to play but disappears and all you see is the purple BG
      • I also renamed the main.html file to index.html (which I have read is something that needs to be done)
      • netfirms.com is telling me that it may be a coding issue - but Adobe catalyst writes all the code for you and it like I said, it works when I view it in the browsers - (google chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari)
      Please help me or point me in the right direction. Thanks so much in advance.