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    Controlling pdf reader externally(scrolling, zooming)


      I open a pdf file in a child window, when I click a link in my main window(html page).  I have few buttons in my main window like left, right, up, down and zoom. When I click on these buttons the pdf should scroll or zoom accordingly. I can communicate with the child window through JavaScript and from there I have no idea how to send events or any form of controlling the pdf reader.


      I googled and saw pdf open parameters like http://host:port/file.pdf#page=3&view= 200,50,50.  These parameters are good for opening the file first time and showing the particular area of a specified page.  The whole idea is not to touch the pdf reader at all and scroll the image/pdf by few inches.

      I am using acrobat pdf reader and contents of the pdf are images(plain scanned images) .


      Please point me in the right direction.