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    Flex 4 ACE Certification

    Jaylach Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I am going to take my Flex 4 ACE Certification on Friday. I do not have my Flex 3 ACE, and chose to skip it in favor of Flex 4 (which we have migrated to at work). I work with Flex 4 on a daily basis, but work very little with LCDS. I am able to get 90+ on all the Attest (for Flex 3) practice tests. I am currently reading the Flex 4 Training From The Source book.


      Ok, with all that listed out let's get to the point of this post. I'm not sure I'm ready for the test. I'd like to be able to verify that I am, however I cannot seem to find any good resources that can help point me in the right directions. Adobe's LiveDocs is pretty good, but I don't really know where to focus as I don't have anything to gauge my knowledge off of.


      Does anyone know some good resources I could focus on? Has anyone taking the Flex 4 ACE (or even the Flex 3 ACE) and can provide me with some pointers and what not (I know the Microsoft tests like to ask a lot of "trick" questions). For instance, what parts of the LCDS should I focused on studying? What parts of AIR (and building AIR applications) should I worry about? etc..


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          rootsounds Level 4

          Adobe's official exam guide outlines exactly what you need to know:



          I took the Flex 3 ACE recently and found that the guide represents the exam content very well. It looks like there aren't a whole lot of changes in the Flex 4 ACE guidelines.


          To answer your questions:

          • LCDS is not on the exam.
          • What they expect you to know about the AIR library is very basic. It amounts to simple operation of an AIR app, file system operations, customizing the native window, drag-and-drop, and security. I've never developed an AIR app and got by just fine.


          Before taking the exam, I was already quite comfortable with much of Flex. Along the way I learned a few things that I haven't had a reason to touch. I found the exam to be quite easy, but I'm also a computer science guy and has also just experience Java certification which is much more difficult.


          I breezed through the Training From The Source book and was happy with it. However, you will do just as well with the LiveDocs for free.