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    Why dont buttons/advanced actions work 2nd time round Cp5


      I'm a new user to this but I cant quite see why what I am doing doesnt work.


      I'm trying to hide and show some text on a slide in Cp 5 using buttons with a script attached via advanced actions. I want to set up a multiple toggle action so I can show and hide the text as many times as the user wants simply by hitting a show text and then a hide text button. To do this I have 3 lines of advanced actions attached to each button which does what I want and then sends the playhead back to the beginning of the slide so the whole process can start again. This seems easy. Except that it doesnt work - when the playhead pops back to the start of the slide to play the slide again the buttons no longer work 2nd time round. Am I missing something really obvious here or do I need to reset something in the buttons or scripts so that they work when i revisit them?


      Thank you!