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    Loading xml data into multiple movie clips.

    alanwallace4 Level 1
      What i am trying to do is make all text in a flash site editable by a client. I fugured that i would do this by using xml.
      I dont know where to start though and would appreciate it if someone could give me a kick start.

      Lets say i have a dynamic text box held within a mc, within another mc (for example - _root.main1_mc.mainText1_mc.my1_text )
      And another text box held in another mc within another mc. (for example - _root.main2_mc.mainText2_mc.my2_text )

      How can i load text into those two text boxes.
      I would like to load all xml data into its respective mc at the start of my swf. But if someone can give me an example for the above then im sure i can work it all out from there./
      Many Thanks