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    cfcontent  and java version

    jbird5k Level 1

      I have some files that use cfcontent to convert dynamic html pages to either excel or word dependong on customer regs.  We are in the process of test our apps on a new server w/upgraded database.   All things seem to be working fine except the files with CFCONTENT.  They are being rendered as straight cfm pages.


      The only difference i can find between the new and the old  upgraded hardware and space on the new servers,  upgraded app sever from oracle 10g to 11g (along with DB)  the old servers are running java version 1.4  and the new servers are running  java version 1.6


      Could the different Java versions be killling CFCONTENT ?   Is there anything else I should be looking at/for?


      thanks in advance



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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          I don't know what your issue is, based on the info you've given, but it's perhaps important to dispel one inaccurate presumption you have. All  does is set the MIME type if the HTTP response. It doesn't convert anything to or from anything, as far as file format goes.