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    Any way to edit actions in a text/script editor?

    bsnyder175 Level 1

      I need to duplicate a very long action about 5 times and make file-name saving changes to each step, but going through the resaving process 75 times is a pain in the ***.  It's a simple action that shows, saves, and hides 75 different layers individually.  But the naming of these saved files will be different depeing on the photoshop file I'm using (about 5 different variances).  Batch Processing just takes too long to do what my action will do in 10 seconds, so it seems like I'm stuck with using actions.  My question is:


      Is there a way to edit actions through a text/script editor vs using Photoshop?  I could copy/paste/replace text much quicker than going through the actual saving process 375 times.