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    Crashing when exporting media


      So I recently decided to install the trial of Premiere Pro CS5, in order to try it out before buying it. I worked with it all day the first day I installed it, and it worked wonderfully. The moment the clock hit midnight, however, and my first day of using it was up, it started acting up! Everything still worked fine, but ever since then, any time I've tried exporting the short (3:20) movie project I'm making, it freezes.

      Reguardless of the time it says I have left till it's done creating the file, it freezes consistently at 79% saved. An error message pops up saying (don't remember exactly) that it's like a 758 error and premiere couldn't finish the project and needs to close... Once I hit the only option, "okay," premiere closes and I have an unsuccessfully saved .avi file on my desktop... Which obviously doesn't open.

      Any suggestions?