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    Time Effects Ignoring In-Points


      Hello all,


      Whenever I add any time-modifying parameter (Time Remapping) or effect (Timewarp) in a composition, as soon as I apply either time-related effect, it ignores my in-points on my video clips and starts the effect from the start of the clip.  This only happens when it's a time related parameter or effect.


      I posted a similar problem recently, and although I realized that the reason my in-point was being ignored was because I added a time-related parameter or effect, I now don't know WHY it ignores my in-points on my video clip when a time-related parameter or effect is added to a clip.


      All I'm trying to do is start a zoom in about 10 seconds later in a clip, and I then want the zoom to happen more slowly.  I know I can trim the video clip to the desired start point before importing it into After Effects, but I'm still assuming that I'm just missing something obvious.


      Thanks again,