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    Detecting MOUSE_OVER on a line

    snowgage Level 1

      I have some trails data that I am adding to an interactive map.  The trails were imported from Illustrator and are lines that have been converted to movieclips upon import.  I'd like to add effects and some interactivity to the lines upon click and mouse_over.  The difficult piece is that Flash treats movie clip like a box making it dificult to click on just the trail you'd like info for.  For example, if there are two trails next to one another, clicking on the one you want can be difficult. 


      Is there a way that I can make it so that only the line part of the MC is the piece that responds to mouse action (rather than the whole box which encompasses its extent)?


      thanks in advance...



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you only have the lines in the movieclips, and not the backgrounds of the illustrator files, then only the lines should interact with the mouse.  Try creating some in Flash using the pencil tool and you should see this is the case.

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            learn n leverage Level 3


            Actually flash doesn't treat movie clips like boxes. It works on the objects inside it. If you have trouble with the movie clips imported from Illustrator then use Import paths as Editable paths & uncheck Create move clips in the AI File Importer dialog while importing. Select individual paths you want to work with and convert them into movie clips in flash once the paths are imported into flash.


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