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    Could not run flex app in debug mode

    kminKeller-si5I0P Level 1

      Someone in Flex forum suggested me to ask my question here.


      All of a sudden I am having issue running my flex app on debug mode that was running fine before. When ever I launch my app on debug mode, I get a popup information that says,

      "This file you chose is not inside a project, so many Flex Builder features will be disabled."


      I asks me to create a new flex project. I have tried to close the FB and relaunch it, restarted my machine couple of times, cleared the browser cache. nothing seem to work?


      What is the issue with this? I have never come across this issue before. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.



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          Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee

          That usually happens when the file you have opened (Did you do a File -> Open?) is not associated with a project. This could happen if the source files are not in a valid source folder in the project.


          Ensure the file in question is in the Project/src folder (or a subfolder) and that you can see it in package explorer that way.


          If this is an MXML application, make sure it is in the src folder and not in a sub-folder.