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    Can Contribute CS5 publish to secured PHP pages?

    antares5 Level 1

      I have created a site that has standard HTML pages and a members section that uses PHP pages with the Dreamweaver restrict access server behavior to limit access to authorized users.  I'm trying to use Contribute CS5 to update or create new secured pages (ultimately the client will do this) but it only seems to work for the static HTML pages.


      When I open the login PHP page, I can enter the user name and password, but the page that I am then directed to (set us as part of the login user server behavior) returns a script error telling me "Spry" is undefined on a line that dosen't spry.  I can either continue running scripts on the page or not (same behavior results), edit the page and then try to publish it, whereupon I get an error saying that either the server is busy or I am not authorized to publish on the site.  But without exiting the app, I can then go to a static html page, edit and successfully publish it, so it seems that the problem is associated with the restricted access pages, as though session variables aren't being recognized.


      All help appreciated.  Thanks.

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          antares5 Level 1

          OK, found the problem. There was an incorrect path to a javascript file in my header navbar that only effected PHP pages that were in a file off the root.  All non-PHP pages, being in the root, worked fine.


          So the bottom line is that Contribute works properly, and the problem was a path error that Contribute was in fact flagging.


          Only wish that I had seen this before I changed all of the PHP pages to HTML and revised the login pages to so all of them I needed to update were non-PHP.  OUCH!


          I guess I get 10 points for answering my own question... but not worth it.