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    Problems after WMP upgrade from 9 to 11


      I have been running Premiere Elements 8.0.1 on Winows XP SP3 for the last few weeks. The whole time I had Windows Media Player 9 installed.

      I have been exporting files as Windows Media Video Files from Premiere and they were playing back fine.


      Yesterday when playing one of these files, WMP9 told me it had an important security update. I told it to install and next thing I know Windows Media Player 11 is installed.


      Now when I export videos from Premiere Elements there is a noticable loss in quality. eg. the video I have been working on, fades in on a scene of mist, and the exports since WM11 have far more pixelation/clumping together of colors during the fade in than when WMP 9 was installed.


      I also need to convert these videos to quicktime. I have been doing this with Super©. Since WM11 came along, the quicktime files I make of the wmv files go out of sync with the audio, and there are white frames at the end while the audio finishes off. Basically they are unusable. I had been Super© because the quality was much better than exporting directly as quicktimes from Premiere Elements.


      So what I am wondering is whether the best thing to try first to fix all this is either:

      1) unistalling WMP11 OR

      2) reinstalling Adobe PremiereElements.


      I have a feeling trying to uninstall WMP11 and revert to WMP9 could be more trouble than its worth, but I'm not sure if reinstalling Premiere Elements with WMP11 now installed will make any difference.