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    Text clear background rennie garcia

      I am trying to create text with a clear background so when it is included into my wepage it can sit on anycolour background. All i keep getting at the moment is a white background or text which looks very ragged at the edges.

      any help would be good.

      rennie garcia
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          pixlor Level 4
          In order to have a transparent background, you should use the .gif format (.png transparency isn't supported by all browsers) and set the background color to transparent.

          In order for text to be smooth, it needs to be anti-aliased. Anti-aliasing means that any lines that are not horizontal or vertical (which is plenty of them) are softened by blending the text color with the background color. Zoom in close and you'll see.

          These two goals are not very compatible. For example, if you start with red text on a white background, smooth, anti-aliased text will have pinks along the edges. If you then set pure white to be your transparent color and place that image on a blue background, you'll see a light halo - the pink pixels - around the red text.

          If your background colors are of similar hue, then sometimes you can choose one where the halo effect is not too noticeable on the other background colors. If your background colors are all different hues, however (say, red, blue, and yellow), then you don't have a common hue for the anti-aliasing and you'll either have a weird-looking halo or you'll have to turn off anti-aliasing and have text that is ragged at the edges.

          There just isn't a perfect way around this problem with graphics.