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    plain raw format -> DNG conversion


      Dear All,


      Would you guide me regarding to converting plain raw format file to DNG file?



      1. plain raw format file

      - the file is composed of Bayer pixel array. For example, 5M pixel raw file is composed of sequential 2592 x 1920 pixels, each pixel is represented by 2byte value. file size will be 2592*1920*2 bytes. The start pixel may be one of Gr or Gb or R or B


      2. tuning information file

      - the files below may be provided for enhanced DNG raw image processing

      - start pixel information: Gr or Gb or R or B

      - 4channel lens shading correction

      - noise profiling

      - white balance R/B channel gain

      - color correction matrix

      - gamma table


      <what is conversion guide?>

      1. Is there any available program or utility for converting this plain raw format file to DNG?

      2. if not available, how can I achieve the conversion using available toolkit?

      3. any other idea?


      Thanks in advance.