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    Flex Builder 3.1 Standard and Flex SDK 4.1 build 16076

    scallyali Level 1

      Hi I have a problem I have downloaded Flex SDK 4.1 16076 and added to my sdk list in Flex Builder. I can compile my program fine except when I change files the flash imports are removed and the code hints don't have any knowledge of flash.display and other base classes such as Movieclip and Sprite. As soon as a manually paste the imports into my class files it compiles again but can't be doing with copying imports back in every time I change a class file.


      It didn't do this on version 4.0.0 - I have added   -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true to compiler arguments as I did have a problem with it firstly compiling about FontAsset.


      Does anyone know why? Do I have to add another swc in?