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    PE Trial problem

    FWG99 Level 1

      I am an experienced user of full versions of Photoshop (recently upgraded to CS5) and think the program excellent.


      I have also used in the past Premier Elements 3 and the full version of Premier 6.5 with good results for video. I have recently started to make HD video again and naturally went to Adobe for up to date software. Despite the many bad reviews I thought that the problems were most likely people using under spec computers so I went ahead to try the trial version. Oh dear!


      I have 2 computers both well in excess of the specs listed by Adobe. The most powerful is a new Mesh with the following spec.


      Windows 7

      Asus M4A89GTD mother board

      AMD Phenom II x6 9mb cache

      8 gb DDR3 1333 RAM

      1 GB ATI Radeon HD3000

      450 watt powert supply

      plus a Blu-Ray writer and DVD writer


      When I tried to download the trial everything seemed OK until I tried to use it! It went through the intro pages telling me about the trial etc and then to the main menu at which point it would go no further - when I tried to open the program I just had a blank sceeen.


      I unloaded the program and retried with the same result. I then tried the installation on a different machine of a similar spec but with Windows XP with a quad core processor and 4 gb RAM but again got the same result. Checking the help pages I found Adobe had posted several "fixes" most of which seemed to relate to NVIDIA graphics (which I do not have) and the rest involved system changes which I am reluctant to do as I do not want to find my other software with then not work.


      I think it is unreasonable the Adobe put out software with known bugs and then expect users to fiddle with their systems to get it to work. Why can't Adobe at least incorporate the bug fixes into the trial versions as these will often be the show case for actual purchases?


      On the back of excellent Photoshop programs this is a major disappointment. Clearly if I can't get a satisfactory answer I will have to look elsewhere.


      As a further comment the Adobe site is not very friendly to users who have similar problems as contacting the techies is near to impossible unless you have already purchased the software!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If the program was as bad as you say, then NOBODY would be able to even launch it -- which is clearly not the case.


          There are so many possible issues, many related to your system specs, including an out of date video card driver, out of date Quicktime version, etc.


          But the fact that the same download isn't working on two different computers seems to indicate the problem is with your download.


          You did unzip your file before you tried to install it, didn't you? (Some people try to install it from within the Zip file.)


          Did you use the same download on both machines or have you tried to download again? It could possibly be that you got a buggy download. Many people have found success downloading a second time.


          You may also want to contact Adobe tech support. You may well have issues on your systems that are too deep to troubleshoot on this forum.


          Yes, there can be issues with this program --especially on Windows 7 64-bit. But if you can't even open the program, you've got something going on that's much deeper than a buggy program.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Some basics:

            • Install all Windows updates
            • Install latest version of QuickTime (v7.6.6 at time of writing)
            • Install most recent graphics and sound drivers from the manufacturers web sites
            • Run Disk Cleanup
            • Run Defragmenter
            • Post back here with the necessary information described here: Got a Problem? How to Get Started
            • Disable realtime protection from anti-virus / anti-spyware products (if we can get PRE working for you these can be added back one-at-a-time to see if they contribute to your difficulties).


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              FWG99 Level 1

              From bad to worse!!!


              I did as suggested and again all seemed well untill I tried to use the

              program which now says my trial period has expired. As I only tried a couple

              of days ago this seems very odd.


              For reference the Virt mem avaiable is 11260 MB ans I do have the latest

              quick time etc.