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    Flash/ASP.net File Upload Tool

      Source Files - http://www.jmanproductions.com/Source.zip

      Good afternoon,
      I'm trying to recreate a Flash/ASP.net File Upload tool that I saw here:
      This version was done with Flash 8, so I wanted to recreate it using Flash CS3 and AS3.
      I was able to get the Flash 8 version working here:

      So what's my problem? Well The version above uses parameters sent to the flash player that the flash player uses for the upload method. Well I'm having trouble pinpointing my problem with the following code. When I test it in Visual Studio nothing happens I can't seem to figure out how to trace the value of the parameters, which are also below the code. so if anyone could point me in the right direction, or download the source, and help me out, I would much appreciate it.

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          schmidtjra Level 1
          Finally. I had a co-worker of mine help me debug the problem. Apparently my problem was not with the parameter begin brought in, because once I looked on the server, I noticed my files had indeed uploaded. So I turned to the event handlers. I had mistakenly assigned all the listeners to the FileRefList object. My co-worker pointed out that the Cancel and Select ones get assigned to the FileRefList object, and the rest get assigned to the FileRef object in the upload function. I have pasted my latest code. Also, for all you want to try it out, you can download the source here:


          My next step will be to figure out where to add the remove listeners. My ultimate goal will be for Flash to show the file or files in a data grid once they are uploaded. If they are images, they will show up as thumbnails.