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    Lost all my works! Flash File Corrupt!


      For whole damn month i spend writing script for a actionscript application on Flash CS5. i had my Window$ Crashed!! and when  i tried opening the flash file, it says"error opening File!". my swf is sized  0 KB,  I even bought a decompiler, Trillix Flash Decompiler and tried to decompile the swf, it says swf corrupt. now all i have is some classes and external swfs. those thousands of as3 codes inside the fla file and the library objects are all gone. i am so fustrated this moment. Please CAN I EXPECT SOME HELP?????

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          Flash CS5 is very very unstable.It sucks ! Don't install it !

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            I certainly feel for you.

            I would advice you to always keep a backup of your work.

            As for the stability of CS5, I have not experienced any of your

            problems. I haven't had a single crash or corrupted files and everything has been

            working flawlessly since installation. (I might be a lucky sob?? ).


            The only system crash (system lockups) I've experienced were due to:

            A: Some obscure internet app installed without consent. (IExplorer related)...

            B: Driver related problem...(Game security issues or obsolete software drivers).

            C: Lightning/poweroutage..


            My advice to you is:

            1. Keep you machine as clea as possible..

            2. Divide your harddrive into at least two partitions.

                One for the operating system and standard software and

                one for your data . If your C drive goes fubar, it won't hurt

                your data section, even if you have to reformat and reinstall.

            3. Keep your drivers up to date.

            4. Don't install anything you won't miss.



            If your machine goes fubar, then try to do a system restore. It won't

            restore your corrupt code, though. Corrupt is corrupt...Nothing to do

            about that, I'm sorry to say.


            I can't stress it enough...ALWAYS keep a backup of your work. I always

            keep several versions of every project I've done. It doesn't take much

            time to copy your work into a different location/folder or burn your work onto a CD/DVD.


            Anyway: I sincerely hope you solve your problem

            Best of luck