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    menu question


      Prem El 8, Vista Home Premium.


      As usual, sorry about this but by all means send me to a place that answers this, I just want to do a simple thing.


      So I've got my finished project and it's now menu time. The effect I want is to have 2 x 30 minute pieces in my timeline, one after the other. The menu I want is to have a background of a photo I took - easy, I know how to browse for a background.

      Then I'm happy for three choices on the main menu, one to play the movie entire, one to play from the first 30 min piece (so basically the same as the first) , and one to play from the second 30 min piece - easy, just put a menu marker in the timeline.


      I can pick a template and fiddle with it until I get something close to what I want but the problem comes with that indicator thingy that moves between choices when you use your dvd remote. Some of these menu templates let you replace the whole backgound with an image of your choosing, some let you replace just some of it, and some only put your image translucantly in with the template one, but that's ok if your happy with it.


      Now I know this isn't Encore, but whenever I explore a menu template that lets me control the background entire, without putting gray strips on it or anything, and gives me just three choices (actually just two start points would be lovely - but let's not be greedy, again it's not Encore) I get let down by this massive onscreen cursor that moves from choice to choice when you are selecting your scene/piece (this thing probably has a name). These templates have fancy green blobs n things, when all I want is a nice little white dot.


      You can't change the cursor can you?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Whew! That's a long post for a simple question, isn't it?


          If you want to replace the background without any additional graphics over it, use the Generic One template in the General category.


          We also offer DVD menu templates (many of them for free) at http://Muvipix.com. Virtually all of these have backgrounds but no additional graphics so that you can easily swap a new background photo or video loop in.

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            mikejc111 Level 1

            Thanks, Steve. That Generic one doesn't do exactly what I originally wanted, it does something slightly different but I'm happy with it.


            Many thanks,


            This case is closed.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Glad that you got it handled. One can do editing to the Menu Sets (Functional Content provided in PrE), but it is not easy, as there are some major considerations that need to be observed. Starting with the naming conventions for the Layers, and Layer Sets, to exactly where they are placed. Though concentrating on altering Menu Sets with Audio and Video, this ARTICLE will give you some tips on what is required.


              Good luck,



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                mikejc111 Level 1

                I'll look into it.


                Steve, I downloaded one of your templates but how do I install them into Prem El?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  IIRC, the Menu Sets are the full structure, with PNG's (thumbnail previews), and are ZIPPED. Just Extract and then place the full folder into the hierarchy of the Library in PrE. Let's say that you have downloaded a Menu Set for a "business" application. I'd a "Business" folder in DVD Templates and locate this Menu Set's folder under that. Or, one could put it under General. I have a folder for "Hunt," and all of my custom Menu Sets are located below that structure.


                  Once done, just launch PrE, and in the Create Menu tab, you should now see that folder, where you placed it, and with the PNG's, it will be available to view the thumbnails.


                  Good luck,



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    That's right. Just unzip the file and create a folder in C:/PROGRAM FILES/ADOBE/PREMIERE ELEMENTS/DVD TEMPLATES/EN-US/GENERAL and move the DVD files into it.


                    Whatever you name this folder is what Premiere Elements will see as the menu template's name.