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    Index Mouse Over too Large


      I recently inherited a Robohelp 7 HTML Project and they have brought to me an issue with the index page. When one mouse over the About in the index page the mouse over result are too large and it clips off the edge of the screen.


      The screenshot of the issue shows the entire list, only because the resolution is different on the test machines.


      <a target='_blank' href='http://img839.imageshack.us/i/indexexample.gif/'><img src='http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/4884/indexexample.th.gif' border='0'/></a>


      Being a new user I am unsure as to how this mouse over is generated or how I can reduce its size or make it scrollable or something. There are about 200 or so individual help pages created and none of them are in any structure, just all i the project folder. The ToC was also manually created.


      Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.