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    Help please


      I have never had a problem with Adobe reader 9.3.3 until now. I cannot open sts file types. every thing else works but when I try to open any file with the extension sts I receive the message " Adobe Reader could not open file 202 Wardle.sts' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (eg it was sent in an e-mail and wasnt correctly de-coded.


      I could open these files before so what has changed? I have googled the question but cannot find an answer, please help.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What does the .sts file normally open with (never heard of one before)? Not Reader. Reader ONLY opens .pdf files.


          If you are double clicking the .sts file and Reader is trying to open it, you need to change your systems file associations to point that file type towards the program that is supposed to be used.

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            brent3580 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply, The document I am trying to open has a pdf logo next to it so i am assuming it is a pdf document, it has not been sent by e-mail it is one that I created, there are possibly 50+ docs that are pdf, but 6 of them have this sts ext. to them and all have a adobe reader thumbnail, all the rest say adobe document. I looked at the properties and it states opens with adobe 9.3.3,


            It might help if I was a bit more computer savvy, but I am a dummy, any other info would be gratefully accepted.

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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Ok. It's just bad file associations. You need to change them back so that the files open in the intended program and not Reader.


              Here is a MS knowledgebase article on changing associations in Windows XP. If you have a different OS, let me know.